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Mental Health Occupational Therapy

At Mosaic we offer Occupational Therapy (OT) to adults with a Psychosocial Disability (Mental Health) that have funding in the 'Improved Daily Living' category of their plan.

We will, over a series of sessions, produce a Functional Assessment Report that can assist Planners, LAC's, Support Coordinators and Support Providers to create and direct supports appropriately.  Functional Assessments can also make recommendations on capacity for independent living and low cost, low risk aids and equipment.

Mental Health OTs are key providers of mental health services to people of all ages. Mental health Occupational Therapists use a person-centered approach to supporting people with mental illness and work within the recovery model, which values the right to self determination and individual choice.

OTs work to remove barriers in people lives by enhancing existing skills, creating opportunities, promoting wellness, remediating or restoring skills, modifying or adapting the environment or activity, and preventing relapse.

At Mosaic we work closely with Community Mental Health, Hospitals and GPs.

Two Dried Leaves

Benefits of a Functional 

  • Developing skills for independent living such as managing household duties, managing time, managing medication and being safe at home and in the community

  • Providing training in activities of daily living for example hygiene and grooming

  • Developing coping strategies to assist you to better manage any mental health distress

  • Provide learning to improve confidence, self-esteem, self awareness, interpersonal and social skills, stress management, and role development (e.g. parenting)

  • Working with you to develop and pursue leisure and social interests

  • Assist and direct support providers with personalised capacity building planning