Temporary Transformation Payments

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Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) was introduced by the NDIS in the July 2019-20 price review. TTP is a conditional pricing load designed to assist providers to transition to the NDIS and will decrease each year by 1.5 per cent for five years until it is completely removed.

TTP is set at 7.5 per cent of the support cost and will reduce by 1.5 per cent each year. This means TTP in 2020-21 will reduce to 6 per cent. If you had an NDIS plan in place before 1 July 2019, an extra amount was added to your plan to take into account price changes implemented on 1 July, including TTP.

To be eligible NDIS registered Provider (like Mosaic) must adhere to:

  • Publishing their service prices 

  • List and keep up-to-date their business contact details in the Provider Finder

  • Participate annually in an Agency-approved market benchmarking survey

For up-to-date NDIS pricing and rates please follow the link below;